Veggie Game
About the game

About the game The Veggie Game is part of the all-in-one Kidiyo platform, in which children are introduced to vegetables, learning their names, how to plant and grow them and their health benefits in a more interactive and fun way.

Children go through a set of levels and need to perform tasks, such as moving in different ways, while developing their gross motor skills. Their reward within the game is connected to showing the health benefits of eating vegetables and it is an effective way to motivate children to discover more about them.

This engaging game is equipped with animations that allow children to learn during play-time and provide a friendly introduction to healthy eating, showing them how vegetables can help them in many ways. Sounds, visuals, words, movements and animations in the game are suitable for preschoolers. The more they play, the more they will be able to practice and improve their gross motor skills in a fun way.

Concept developed by: Raissa Colonetti
Implemented and designed by: Raissa Colonetti & Mark van Dijken
Company: Kidiyo