To Kiss or Not To Kiss

“To kiss or not to kiss” is a conceptual project that reinterprets the “Dutch Kissing Couple”, in its Delft Blue version, into 10 new souvenir kissing couples from different cultural backgrounds. The “Delfts Blauw Kussend Paartje” is one of the most iconic images used in the souvenir market in the Netherlands. This project explores how this value could be communicated through a souvenir product. It also connects the traveler’s desire to both take something back home from the place he is visiting and to leave something positive behind: his or her support of the local craft and design production. The selection of each couple’s nationality will be created based on research about different immigration groups and the impact they’ve had on the Dutch culture.

To Kiss or not To Kiss and Multicultural Memento projects were presented at the Dutch Design Week 2017.

Project coordinator: Gabriela Bustamante
Graphic Design and Production Intern: Raissa Colonetti
Studio: Design That Matters - Amsterdam